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"Strategy Into Action"

Aboab & Co. is a strategic advisory firm with a core competency in developing pragmatic communication plans and strategies. We are entrusted by the public and private sectors alike for our unique combination of international expertise and local proficiency.

Our approach enables us to customize solutions, stimulate transformation and ultimately create positive impact.

"Locally Relevant Messaging"

We aim to capture the relevant local insights needed to produce locally relevant content. This is done by ensuring we have a good understanding of what is happening on-the-ground, then dedicating the necessary time, tools and resources. We believe the right combination of this mix allows us to incorporate the “local gold” into the content and materials, while protecting the brand message.


Who are we?

 Established in 2010, Aboab & Co. is a Saudi-born strategic advisory which aims to answer to a growing need of delivering locally relevant, pragmatic strategies built to be immediately actionable. Over the years, we have continuously improved on our operations model to ensure we are able to deliver value into an ever-changing region. To date, we have proudly served and executed projects for the public, private and third sectors, respectively. Our range of advisory services extends to cover six key disciplines, and sometimes even beyond that, from research to development, communications to implementation and ultimately the assessment of impact. Each vertical is built to operate as a standalone product or as part of a larger initiative.

Our services

Research & Insight

•Research strategy
•Partner qualification
•Quality control
•Insight generation

Behavior Change

•Context Analysis
•Behavioural Intervention Design
•Experiment Design
•Scale Up Plan

Marketing & Communication

• Brand development
• Positioning
•Digital Marketing  & communication strategy
•Activity plan

Policy & Program Development

•Program design
•Purpose built intervention & programs
•Digital solutions

Implementation Oversight

•Implementation plan
•Partner qualification
•Implementation management
•Quality control

Impact Assessment

•Theory of change / Goal setting
•Baseline measurement

Our Approach


There’s no hiding place for solutions. We don’t rest till we find them.


We value the experience of those before us. Best practices and established systems matter.


We seek continuous improvement. We look to understand, develop and Improve.


We are in it for the long haul. We build pragmatic solutions that stand. If they don’t, we’ve failed.


We are responsive. Quick on the throttle, quick on the brakes.

Our Process

Impact Assessment

trusted by

We think out of the box

In addition to being strategic, we can also think creatively!

Here are a few samples of the creative work that we’ve been involved in recently. We are proud to have overseen the execution and delivery of creative projects including motion graphics, animation and short promo videos for entities such as the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP), National Center for Waste Management (MWAN), just to name a few!

Work Environment
Work Environment

Like many organizations, we have a culture that we are proud of. Unlike many organizations, our culture is co-created and the core driving force behind the work we produce for our clients and ourselves.

As an organization, we continue to grow and learn. We’re not afraid to make mistakes, as long as we know we’ve given it our everything (and a little more). When we fall (and we sometimes do), we find ourselves surrounded by our peers, with their hands extended. We are an organization that strives – for excellence and betterment of whatever we are commissioned with.

Discipline of Teams
Discipline of Teams

Our team comes from different backgrounds and disciplines, which ranges from communications to project management to legal, just to name a few. We promote agility, diversity and inclusivity on our team to help everyone feel appreciated and welcomed. Having diverse perspectives on the team can often lead to more innovative and creative ideas during collaboration efforts.

Interested in working with us?
Interested in working with us?

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send us your CV or credentials.


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